Forrest is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), certified drug and alcohol counselor (ADC), trained in sexual addiction (CSAT trained), prepare and enrich marriage counseling, and currently is finishing training as a certified trauma therapist (CTT). He spent more than a decade of his work in full-time ministry serving in both youth and pulpit capacities. At his stop in Clinton, Arkansas he co-founded a therapeutic rehab community for adult men and women struggling with multiple addictions and specialized in reconciliation, connection, and recovery. His personal journey led him back to Harding University where he earned a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Following graduation he spent time working with adolescent boys and their families at a private inpatient facility doing intensive trauma/relational work. He provides therapy specializing in grief, addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, divorce, relational/couples work. He also performs intensive therapy sessions when needed.

Forrest believes therapy is a safe place to learn new solutions to life’s hurts.  He helps others find a safe place, an environment to awaken their resources, and then leads them through a healing process producing peace of mind.  Forrest uses an experiential, relational, spiritual, and integrative approach to therapy. He works providing hope and healing to people’s truest selves.

In his free time, you can find Forrest gardening, growing organic vegetables.  He also enjoys woodworking and making pottery.  He resides in the Searcy area with his wife and three children.